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Jiangsu Apelair Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is referred to as "Ampelair", taking energy saving and emission reduction as its mission, and adhering to the concept of low carbon and green. Relying on a team of professional and dedicated scientific research and designers, the whole company continuously develops and produces efficient and energy-saving ventilation equipment. "Ampelair" is a modern enterprise that has passed ISO9001 certification. The company has vibrant talents of all kinds, strong technical force, and own brand "Ampelair". "Ampelair" products include large natural ventilation equipment such as unpowered fans, ventilation skylights (air towers), electric smoke exhaust skylights, powered roof axial fans, etc.; as well as spherical nozzles, swirling air outlets, various air inlets, air outlets, Air duct soft joints and other air-conditioning terminal ventilation products. After decades of development, the company has established distribution agencies in all important regions of the country; at the same time, the products are also exported to all over the world.

2003.6 Shanghai Apnair Company was formally established

introduced Australian technology and craftsmanship, and produced the first one that month

Ampelair 500 turbo ventilator

2005.3 Ventilation skylight, smoke exhaust skylight, R&D team was formally established.

began to engage in the design, research and development of ventilation and smoke exhaust skylights, and also began

Product production and market promotion

2007.2 Apnair

The product is further extended on the basis of the ventilation skylight

--Smoke exhaust skylight came into being

2008.5 Apnair Company passed

NQA ISO9001: 2000 version international quality system certification

and officially became a member unit of China Metal Structure Association

In the same year, it was awarded a 3A credit unit by Shanghai Credit Management Office

2012.12 Apnair Corporation

The introduction of FRP advanced automation technology production line

officially entered the field of daylighting panels

2015.7 Chongqing Apnair Company was established, serving customers in Southwest China

further provides perfect products and considerate service.

2018.11 The 3CF certification of fire control systems such as window openers has been completed, and the production and processing have been completed. Apnair's own brand has been put into use in the project.

2019.12 Jiangsu Epner was established.